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 2015 Mayne Island Hiking Guide

Mayne Island Hiking Guide 2012

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2015 Mayne Island Hiking & Walking Guide (pdf)


Brochures with maps are available from racks at the Mall.


Don't miss our beautiful Japanese Garden featuring a pond, bridges, waterfall, hidden garden, lovingly created torii gates and authentic recreation of a Japanese charcoal kiln situated within a spectacular landscape of trees, shrubs and flowers.

The Japanese Garden was officially opened by Lieutenant Governor Iona Campanella in May 2002. The dedicated volunteers who constructed and maintain the garden were awarded the 2005 Islands Trust Group Stewardship Award. A must see.

more about the Japanese Garden.


Enjoy our many parks & trails but please respect our fragile environment.

Pack out all refuse to recycle or dispose of in an island-friendly manner.

Don't forget to carry drinking water!

Outside fires are strictly forbidden in summer due to severe safety concerns.

Note posted hazard ratings.


updated August 20, 2015

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