Welcome to the new Mayne Island dot com!

Hopefully, MayneIsland.com is giving you a sense of familiarity with what you have known before. Perhaps you’re experiencing a sense of déjà vu? While you may have noticed the fresh coat of paint (that still isn’t dry in a few places) as well as a couple of changes, our goal is to continue to provide this website as a resource for residents, visitors and businesses on Mayne Island.

First, some introductions! My name is Jon, and I’ll be looking after the legacy that Monica has created with Mayne Island dot com. I’ve lived on Mayne Island with my family for 15 years now and have known Monica for most of that time. I’ve always been impressed with the sense of community she’s been able to create online; whether it’s through Mayne Island dot com, or through the various community-focussed Facebook groups she created and moderated for many years.

My goal is to build on that community and open it back up. I feel that a lot of information about Mayne Island has become locked away inside of (in particular) Facebook’s walled garden and I’d like to bring it back out into the open! Facebook is a great place for discussions to take place, but it isn’t a great place to showcase all that Mayne Island has to offer. I want to change that!

I’m also open to thoughts, comments, complaints, and praise (I particularly like that) if you have it. I’ve heard from a few islanders who have some ideas about what they would like to see here and I’m looking forward to many more conversations going forward. I frequent Facebook, so feel free to hit me up there, or email me anytime.

I expect the vision of Mayne Island dot com will change and evolve over time. What I can promise you, at the outset:

  • The same great information and resources you’ve come to rely on (I’m working to transfer all information from the old site to this new one — if I miss something, definitely let me know!)
  • Some great new opportunities to showcase all of the great things on Mayne Island
  • Limited advertising, and local/relevant advertising. You won’t start seeing ads for products on Amazon, or businesses in Vancouver (unless they service Mayne Island!).

Additionally, I’m hoping to be able to offer increased community News and Events coverage (anyone else missing the Mayne News email newsletter? I know I’m not alone!)

That’s all I have for now, but stay tuned and get in touch!

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  1. Feel free to drop a comment on anything you see! Commenting closes after about a month, just to try to keep the evil spammers at bay.