A call for help to update content

In transferring over content from the old site to this new version, a lot of links came up broken, or no longer relevant (businesses that aren’t here anymore!)

If I’ve removed a link or a mention, particularly from the Art, Resources or Links page, it isn’t because I’m playing favourites it’s because either:

  1. I know that that individual/organization/business is no longer here (but I’m often wrong, just ask my kids).
  2. I clicked the link and it took me to a website that was clearly unrelated to anything Mayne Island.
  3. I missed it. I’m human, I make typos.

Additionally, if you are new (and I’m using the word “new” very liberally here), and/or would like to be included on one of those pages, please let me know! I’d be happy to get you included in one of the listings.

MayneIsland.com is a community web site, and we encourage the community to get involved! We want to make it easy to find all resources related to the island!