Wayne D.F.Thomas - Native carver specializes in masks, plaques, silver in Nuu-Chah-Nulth style. Can be ordered world-wide.



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Gallery of Carvings
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Bear - last quarter moon carved plaque

Bear - last quarter moon
1 x 10 Pine

Canoe with fishing gear - carving

Canoe With Fishing Gear
Yellow Cedar


Whale and Sea Lion Sign
25" wide by 27" deep

Cradle with Beaver design

Cradle with Beaver on Front
Yellow Cedar, Abalone Eyes
and paint

Cradle with Beaver design

Cradle with Beaver
Yellow Cedar, Abalone Eyes
and paint

Raven carving out of Pine

Pine 4"x10"


Otter and Moon
with Raven in Leg

8" x 18"

Salmon Plaque carved from Yellow Cedar

Yellow Cedar
1 1/2' x 8"

Carved Canoe, Shark Mask and Choker

Canoe, Shark Mask, Choker


Raven and Earth
10"x 24"


Whale Mother & Child
10" x 24"


Wolves and Moon
10" x 20"

Raven Mask

Raven Mask
Moveable Jaw & Tongue
Pine 4"x4"x1 1/2'

Work in Progress

Work in Progress




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