Fine Artists

  • Terrill Welch
    Welch’s quick sure painting strokes, and photographic images arrest Mayne Island forest, sandstone, sea and sky.
  • Cedar Christie Townsend
    paintings and sculptures by a talented artist.
  • Leigh-Anne Maxwell
    Landscapes in oil.
  • M.D. Hennessy
    My art making spans some thirty years. I have worked in many mediums but for the past seven years I have been developing life size, tall, thin, human forms made from plaster bandages, bamboo and found objects. These sculptural pieces start with shoes I discover at Thrift stores. The figures are brightly painted, exhibit a sense of humour and often make a statement in response to the world around me.
  • Jim Marsh
    The majority of the artwork I create is  representational, painted images in acrylic and watercolor. The subjects I choose to investigate are the actual places and things that I see around me and that inspire me. Hopefully they trigger a similar memory or feeling on the part the viewer.


  • Leanne Dyck
    Leanne Dyck is a woman’s fiction author. Her stories are about strong women and the challenges they face.
  • Terry Glavin
    A bi-weekly columnist for the Georgia Straight. His books include – A Death Feast in Dimlahamid, Nemiah: The Unconquered Country, A Ghost in the Water, This Ragged Place, & A Voice Great Within us (with Charles Lillard). Terry also edits a series of books about this part of the world called Transmontanus. He is currently working on a book about the Pacific (due to be published in the spring of 2000) and a novel.  Available at Miners Bay Books (natcherally) 250-539-3112
  • Robert Harlow
    Has so far published eight novels. His newest book, Necessary Dark, is semi-autobiographical, and is based partially on his WWll experience as a bomber pilot. In February 2002 it will be made available through the new Print-On-Demand technology, widely thought to be the way more and more books will be published as time goes on. Others of his novels available now are The Saxophone Winter and FELICE: A Travelogue. Available at Miner’s Bay Books. 250-539-3112
  • Amber Harvey
    Mayne Island is filled with exciting adventures for Magda and her pals as they meet mysteries head-on.  With four books on the shelves, Amber Harvey continues to bring a group of Mayne Island kids and their exciting adventures to readers 12 years old and over. You can find them at our library and at Miners Bay Books whenever you’re on Mayne Island, or go to for an e-book. 
  • Sally Ireland
    Sally’s first novel  “Fox’s Nose” was greeted with many kudos from the critics.  It’s a great read.   Published by Cormorant Books, Dunvegan, Ontario.   Available at Miner’s Bay Books. 250-539-3112.



  • Gail Noonan of Cartoonan Films makes engaging short animations on everything from body image, menopause, square dancing to lost mittens.


  • Jaiya Firedance – Songs for Winter Solstice
    Jaiya’s sound is a rich blend of Celtic, Early Music, Jazz and Worldbeat influences. Soaring vocal harmonies, lyric harp and haunting penny whistle combine with the earthy tones of accordion and drums to bring us music that speaks of the land and its seasons.